All you need to know: 10 infallible dating skills

Jul 09, 2018

Cultivating your dating skills is vital for anyone looking to succeed in their romantic lives. 

The best way to improve is always to find a reasonable goal and then to take constant small steps towards it. 

When it comes to developing social skills dating is one of the more complex areas. 

First of all, it has changed a lot in recent years thanks to the continued success of online dating

This means that dating skills need to incorporate both online and real-world skills

Bearing that in mind, these 10 tips are designed to help you with your dating communication skills.

1# Use More Photos and Videos Online

Your online dating profile is basically an advert for yourself. 

The best way to advertise anything is with photos and videos

A profile that has pictures is 8 times as likely to get a response as one that does not have any. 

This is because first impressions matter and people always feel better about pictures than text. 

One of the online dating tricks is to carefully consider what your pictures say about you

You could just upload pictures of yourself inside but you will get a much better response with videos of yourself out and about.

2# Your Dating Profile is Like a Resume

The best dating websites allow you to say a lot about yourself in your profile. 

Think about the way you would organise your CV

One of the best online dating tricks is to show off your attributes in a way that makes you the ideal choice for people. 

It needs to be obvious why they choose you and not someone else.


3# Do not Restrict Yourself

There is nothing wrong with having requirements in a partner. 

After all, you want to be able to enjoy the other person's company and getting together with someone you know you dislike is a bad idea. 

However, one of the important dating skills is the ability to open yourself up to new things

Do not be afraid to push your boundaries and try something new. 

 So, instead of having a list of "must-haves" for a potential partner, try a list of "must-not-haves". Then you can leave everything else up to see how it is once you meet.

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4# Find a Hobby

When it comes to developing your social skills in dating or elsewhere a hobby is invaluable

A common point of interest is an ideal way to start a conversation or bond with someone. 

While a common talking point is a great way to meet people online, hobbies provide even more. 

They provide a great way to find people if you want to physically meet. Finally, a hobby is a great test of your dating communication skills

If you can talk to someone about your passion without putting them off then you are on to a good thing.

5# Set Arbitrary Goals

When looking online it can be difficult not to be overwhelmed by choice. 

Dating sites have become incredibly popular so finding the right person can be challenging. 

A great way to help is to have a new goal each time you search. 

This way you keep your options open without becoming overwhelmed. 

For example, you may decide to limit your search to people within a particular area on one day. 

On another you may only look at people who have one particular attribute.

6# Be Precise

When developing your profile you want to avoid generalities

There is no use in saying things like "I want to have fun". 

Instead, improving your dating communication skills means learning to convey important information about yourself

This means avoiding information that is subjective. Instead, your profile should describe things like favourite experiences you have had or things you would like to be able to do. 

Developing dating communication skills means conveying actual information with your words.

7# Volunteer for a Good Cause

This is a great way to improve your social skills for dating or just generally. 

Volunteering for charitable work is a great way to meet people. It is more than just a way of meeting people too. 

Volunteering your spare time is going to be a great talking point and will likely impress anyone on a date

If it does not then that is a good sign that it is the wrong person. 

The thing about dating skill is that you will be able to improve them more often than you would think. So look for opportunities to volunteer as a good starting point. 

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8# Do not Avoid Couples' Events

While it can feel awkward to be the third-wheel, hiding away is not the answer

Couples events tend to involve a lot more people who are not necessarily involved. 

Your dating skills will not be much use if you cannot find opportunities to take advantage of them. 

So look for any and all events. The thing to remember is that what matters most is how you feel about yourself. 

If you can get past the initial awkwardness then everything will be fine.

9# Have a Friend Check your Profile

No matter how good your dating communication skills are, an extra pair of eyes will always be useful

There is always a way to make your dating profile better. 

Sometimes you may forget to mention some of your better dating skills simply because you do not think of them in that way. 

A friend may be able to cast these attributes in a new light

Also, sometimes they will be able to tell you where you have gone too far. Even with the best intentions, everyone can come on a little too strong sometimes.

10# Maintain your Perspective

Sometimes dating can be pretty disheartening. 

It can seem like all the work you do to improve your dating skills gets you nowhere. 

The key is not to let the bad times get the best of you

If you do, then it will negatively affect your dating communication skills. 

If you can stay positive by taking the good and the bad as you go your chances for success will increase. 

Then all the dating skills and online dating tricks you have learned will have their chance to shine.

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