A Review of SilverSingles, A Dating Site for 50+ Singles

Nov 21, 2019

It is not every day that the idea of dating at 50 comes to mind. Most people think that by the time they get to that age, they will be done with looking around. However, those who have already reached that milestone can attest that things are often different.

It is possible to find yourself needing a partner at 50 for a host of reasons- divorce, death of a spouse, etc. It is for this reason that a dating app specifically made for 50+ fellows really appeals to that group.

Enter Silver Singles, a dating app that is meant for people of 50 and above. This article lays bare the dating site in a bid to see how it performs against other similar sites and help potential users decide whether it is suitable for them.

The site

  • Appearance

The site has a simple address silversingles.com, and a landing page that is equally simplistic. The welcoming image is of a lady who does not look one bit worried to be 50, giving visitors the feeling that they have come to a good place.

  • Navigation

Getting around the website is just as pleasant. There is no hullabaloo; the landing page has a place for members to log in and another window where new members can sign up.

Signing up simply requires one to say who they are (man or woman) and what they are looking for (man or woman). A free sign-up is then completed with a personality test, a process that does not take more than 30 minutes.

The purpose of the test is to help the site to match up partners with compatible qualities. The site then sends between five and seven potential match-ups every day until a match is made.

Scrolling down the website allows users to directly access other sections that are relevant to their search. One can create a profile with the help of expert advice, meet local matches and read more about how the Silver Singles Site works.

  • Mobile adaptability

Silver Singles has adapted greatly to the preference of mobile devices as internet access means. The site adapts well to mobile phones and has a dedicated app that can be installed in various hand-held devices.

  • Safety and Security

One of the greatest concerns when dating online is security. People want to be sure that they are dealing with a genuine site and, above all, that they are dealing with people who are what they claim to be.

The Silver Singles site is encrypted, which makes it safe from data siphoning. A system that helps in fraud detection also means that people with ulterior motives can be easily detected.


So, with all the said great features, how are actual users reacting to the dating site?

Well, the site lays claim to around 50,000 new registrations every week. The number of couples that get matched each month is around 2000.

These are pretty decent figures by any standard. The number of new users trooping to the site is an indicator of good service given the role of referrals in growing popularity.

Although the site says it is for 50+ seekers, stats show that membership age is as low as 25. This can be a pro or a con, depending on an individual user's preference.

Most members, however, lie within the 45-55 age bracket; the majority of the site's users are in the US. The site is, however, available in numerous regions, among them Germany, France, Switzerland, Belgium, Jamaica, and the UK.

Membership Plans

As earlier mentioned, signing up on Silver Singles is free. However, the free model can only be used for so long; a paid plan will be necessary once the trial period is over.

The paid (premium) plan is divided into three categories: three-month, six-month and one-year plans. For the three month plan, users part with $44.95 each month, the six-month implies a fee of $34.95 each month and the annual plan costs $24.95 per month.

From the above rates, it is evident that a longer-term subscription is cheaper in the long run.


The very idea of a 50+ dating site is exciting, so Silver Singles is brilliant in its very conceptual stage. The site has gone further to tick a lot of boxes that a reviewer would look at.

Registration is easy, aesthetics are great and navigation is pleasant. The numbers for new registrations and matchups are great too, as is the availability in a large number of regions. The presence of a mobile app is a thumbs up!

The site could, however, do a little more for the basic subscriber; no one hates a few more freebies, right? Overall, however, Silver Singles is a great place to meet potential soulmates!

Our Score