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Apr 06, 2018

Since it was founded in 2007, Zoosk has attracted more than 38 million members who are spread across 80 different countries across the globe. These members send an average of 3 million messages every single day between them. 

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Zoosk Review - Overview

Zoosk functions in a similar fashion to most other dating websites. However, instead of asking you to fill out a survey it instead learns about you from the way in which you use the site. 

It analyses this behaviour in order to find the most suitable matches for you. 

Zoosk Review - Registration

This Zoosk review found that creating a Zoosk login does not take long. There is the option to link your Zoosk account to an existing social media profile such as Facebook or Google+ or you can use an email and do it manually. 

Even before you begin paying for membership, you are allowed to see other users' profile pictures. It only takes 10 or 15 minutes to get started. 

That is only 10 minutes to create a Zoosk login and my account. Once you have signed up, Zoosk requires some basic information such as your body type and whether or not you smoke. 

You also need to upload a profile picture but after that, you are ready to go. While Zoosk does not come with an in-depth personality test like other sites, you can add more information to your profile. 

This can include things like your hobbies or favourite types of music. Members can view basic information about each other. This includes the basic information you have to give when registering. 

They can also see whether or not you have been given digital gifts from other users. If you wish, you can also provide a simple biography that can say anything you wish. 

This is a good way to provide an introduction to other members. What this says is up to you but it is a good way to say what it is you are looking for. 

Your Zoosk login must also be verified. This can be done either by providing a link to an existing social media profile or by receiving a code sent via SMS. 

This verification process makes the site one of the safest to use.

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Zoosk Review - The User Experience

While conducting this Zoosk review UK, going from the Zoosk login page to contacting other Zoosk members was a straightforward process. 

You can send "winks" if you are a free member in an effort to get someone's attention in the hopes that they will respond. 

If you have a paid membership, then you can send messages and actually talk to people. There are automated systems that will send you an SMS or an email every time another member messages you to help make sure you do not miss out. 

For those who have a smartphone, there is a dedicated Zoosk app available on both iOs and Android. There are two different types of Zoosk search, free search and advanced search. 

Free search presents random members and is actually a pretty good way of narrowing things down. Advanced search lets you make certain requirements like age or distance and the options can be saved for later. 

As mentioned before Zoosk studies your behaviour in order to recommend people to you. You can have up to 30 connections at any given time where the site lets you choose whether to accept people who have shown an interest in you. 

Some of these matches are recommended if the algorithm thinks it has found a good match. There is a second optional Zoosk cost on top of the monthly membership fees called Zoosk Coins. 

These coins can be earned in a couple of different ways. First of all, they can be purchased using real-world currency. Secondly, they can be earned by either watching video adverts or filling out surveys. 

The coins can then be used in quite a few ways. They can be used to purchase gifts like flowers to send to other members. 

They enable the playing of a carousel matching game to help you find other members. The coins can also be used to help promote your profile so that more people see it during their Zoosk search. 

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Zoosk Review - Main Characteristics

  • Registration is fast and it is easy to go fom Zoosk login to my account.
  • Only requires basic information.
  • Social media can be used.
  • Plenty of unique features like the matching algorithm.
  • A paid membership is required to send messages.
  • It is still possible to wink at people as a free member.
  • Profiles are verified so it is one of the safer dating sites.
  • Simple messages can be sent to many members via "Mega Flirts".
  • Notifications sent to your phone or email when you receive a message.
  • Digital gifts can be purchased and sent using Zoosk coins.
  • Zoosk cost can be as low as $15.00 per month.

Zoosk Review - Security

One worry when conducting a Zoosk review is rumours of fake profiles designed to trap unsuspecting members, none have actually been found. 

Profiles are verified by moderators via a social media connection or the member's phone number. 

While this Zoosk review UK did not find any, in the event that you do find a profile that you think is fake, there is a button that lets you report it to a moderator. 

If you want to report or block someone, you can visit their profile and then click on the grey button next to their name. While Zoosk does verify its members, it does not go any further. 

This means that it does not perform background checks or perform any kind of routine screening on its members. 

Zoosk Review - Pros and Cons


  • This is one of the safest sites.
  • Registration is very fast and easy.
  • Most pictures are freely visible.
  • Unique automatic connection features.


  • Paid membership required to send messages.
  • Dating Insights not available on the app.

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